IP-Based Entrance Control

  • IP-Stile KT-02.3

    The IP-Stiles are standalone systems for efficient access control using authorized / non-authorized approach.

    Installation of the KT-02 is fast and convenient: mount the turnstile to the surface with attachment bolts and connect KT-02 to a power supply unit and to Ethernet network.

  • IP-Stile KT-05

    The KT-05 IP-Stile – is a turn-key access control solution based on a box tripod turnstile with built-in controller and proximity card readers and as standard supplied with single-user software.

    Access control turnstile principle of work Built-in card readers Software IP-Stile housing
    These elegant IP-Stiles made of stainless steel will perfectly fit modern interiors of business centers, banks and other public facilities.