IP Based Control | Installation Gallery

  • IP-Stile KT-02.3

    The IP-Stiles are standalone systems for efficient access control using authorized / non-authorized approach.

    Installation of the KT-02 is fast and convenient: mount the turnstile to the surface with attachment bolts and connect KT-02 to a power supply unit and to Ethernet network.

  • IP-Stile KT-05

    The KT-05 IP-Stile – is a turn-key access control solution based on a box tripod turnstile with built-in controller and proximity card readers and as standard supplied with single-user software.

    Access control turnstile principle of work Built-in card readers Software IP-Stile housing
    These elegant IP-Stiles made of stainless steel will perfectly fit modern interiors of business centers, banks and other public facilities.

  • Long Range Card Reader

    IR-10 long range card reader for outdoor use is designed for reading and interpretation of proximity card identifier and for transferring of identifier to ACS controller. The reader operates with EM-Marin and HID proximity cards.

    Card reading distance – max 100 cm.

    IR-10 reader operates through RS-485 or via Wiegand interface.

    IR-10 long range card reader operates as a part of the automotive check-point, which is designed to control the passage of private and company vehicles. It operates together with the barrier controller.

    The reader is installed on a mounting arm, which is included in the standard delivery set. The additional equipment includes BH-03 post. The mounting arm and the post are rated at intensive wind force and have anti-corrosive coating.

  • Motorized Swing Gate

    This automatic swing gate has proven an ideal access control solution for convenient access of people in wheelchairs, mothers pushing prams or shoppers carrying bulky goods. To ensure convenient passage the WMD-05S gate is available with swing panels of three sizes: 650 mm, 900 mm and 1100 mm.

  • Proximity Card Reader

    Proximity card readers are designed for operation with identifiers in the form of proximity cards and keyfobs, which are used in access control systems (ACS), paid access systems etc.

    PERCo manufactures various models of proximity card readers supporting the most popular formats — HID, EM-Marin.

  • Reader Post With LCD Display

    IRP-01 reader post is an elegant solution designed to read proximity cards and to display the information if the access is granted or not.

    The reader post for indoor use is an up-market model that offers an elegant solution for entrance points of banks, administrative buildings, business centres and other sites with the highest requirements for design and comfort.

  • RTD-20.2 Full Height Rotor Turnstile

    RTD-20 turnstile is designed for complete closure of passageway and it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Double passage Full Height turnstile allows to organize two controlled passageways within confined spaces.

  • ST-01 Speed Gate

    The ST-01 speed gate with swing panels is designed in a modern and elegant style and provides an ideal contactless solution for access control at sites with high aesthetic and comfort requirements.