• Turnstile Speed Gate STD-01 Double Sided Perco
  • Turnstile Speed Gate STD-01 Double Sided Perco

STD-01 Speed Gate Double-Sided Section

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Double-sided turnstile rack with swing doors, aisle width 650 or 900 mm, throughput in a single-pass mode 60 people / min, stainless steel, 24 V, 6.5 A, included: stand, remote control.


High-speed passage is a blocking device with hinged leaves and is designed to control the flow of people at administrative checkpoints, in banks, shops, train stations, airports, etc.

A type: Turnstile
Type of turnstile: Electromechanical
Throughput: 60 people / min
Supply voltage: 24 V
Temperature operating mode: + 1 ° C … + 40 ° C
Dimensions: 1820 × 1050 × 1300 mm (with sashes 300 mm)
Weight: 100 kg