LB72.1 E-Mechanical Lock

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PERCo-LB72.1 electromechanical lock is designed to work as a part of access control systems (ACS) and is used to lock the doors of small and medium thickness from 38mm to 50mm.

Normally closed locks are most often used in access control systems, because they do not require power in the closed position and remain locked in case of power loss. To guarantee the opening in an emergency, the lock cylinder can be opened with a key from the outside or with a key or a thumbscrew from the inside. Normally closed locks are used for office and warehouse doors.

PERCo-LB72.1 lock has a unique construction, allowing control cable connection through the strike plate in the door frame, not through the door leaf. This makes installation easier and provides aesthetically pleasing exterior of the door without using adaptors.